about us

The Tanguerin Story

The main goal of TANGUERIN since its creation in 2004 has been the promotion of performing arts, with special focus on argentine tango. We have been one of the leading promoters of tango events in Bulgaria organizing concerts, performances, shows, exhibitions, tango parties (milongas), movie screenings, visits of foreign artists, competitions, dance classes and workshops etc. Until the end of 2010 we also operated our own tango dance school  (TanguerIN Studio) with weekly tango classes and workshops in Sofia. Our team of tango dancers was the first one to teach tango classes and workshops in other big cities of Bulgaria, such as Plovdiv and Bourgas. Members of our team have also given for the first time in Bulgaria lectures on the history and characteristics of tango music and courses on DJ-ing for milongas (tango parties). In 2010, we had the idea to create the first Bulgarian non-profit tango organization under the name of tango.bg inviting other Bulgarian tango dancers to take part in its establishment. Subsequently TANGUERIN transfered all of its educational activities to the new association thus focusing on concert promotion and event organization.

TANGUERIN deliberately chose as its launching date 11 December, which is the National Day of Tango in Argentina and the birthday of tango music's most iconic figure, Carlos Gardel. Since our creation we have celebrated this day with special events and in 2008 we used this occasion to organize the first Bulgarian tango mini-festival - DIA(s) DEL TANGO. The festival had its subsequent editions in 2009 and 2010 and featured renowned dancers and musicians from Bulgaria, Argentina, France, Germany and the US.

In 2007 and 2009 we organized the first of its kind Bulgarian camp-like retreat event dedicated to tango called TANGO RECREO with tango teachers from the United States and Argentina.

Throughout the years our partners in our activities have been, among others, the Embassy of the Argentinean Republic, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, The Red House Center for Culture and Debate, The National Theatre, Sofia City Art Gallery, Modern Theater, Jazz+ Concerts, Sofia Live Club, Studio 5 Club etc. TANGUERIN has worked with many Bulgarian companies, organizations and artists on their events and projects. Internationally, we maintain relationships with a great number of artists, organizers and promoters of events related to tango. On various occasions, TANGUERIN has cooperated with some of the biggest tango festivals in the world, including the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, the Istanbul International Tango Festival and the OsterTango festival in Switzerland.

We are very happy that in the course of its existence TANGUERIN has turned into something more than an organization building an informal space for all tango lovers and those who share a passion for dance and music as forms of art and a medium for expression and communication